5 Top Camcorders with Night Vision Mode 2017

Night vision camcorders are a great investment for people who want to shoot videos in low light or the dark. For people who often go camping or hiking and want to record videos when they spend the night outdoors. These gadgets are also a must-have for avid hunters who like to hunt at night as well as those who love to go on nighttime fishing trips. Even spelunkers will want to have their own video cameras with night vision so they can document their adventures as they explore dark and musty caves.

The question now is this:

Which camcorder should you buy if night vision is an important factor of selection for you?

There are a lot of options to choose from nowadays. But to make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up five of the top camcorders with night vision mode. Browse through this list to know which video camera is the right option for your needs and lifestyle.



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The Bestguarder WG50 is a monocular camcorder having a digital night vision mode. This mode is supported by a 50mm objective lens along with 6x optical zoom and up to 5x digital zoom. The camcorder also comes with a high-quality built-in infrared illuminator that allows for a viewing distance of up to 1,150 feet (or 350 meters).

The WG50 is one of the best night vision video cameras because of its rugged design. It complies with IPX4 standards, which means it’s water-resistant and can withstand a bit of rough weather. It’s an excellent companion when you spend most of your time outdoors and need tough and durable equipment that can keep up with your rigorous lifestyle.

  • Very sturdy and rugged
  • High range visibility extending upto 3o0m
  • Night vision is of superior quality
  • It does not have a power focus. Focus has to be achieved by rotating manually.
  • The picture quality is not as great as some of the other night vision cameras
  • Battery does not last long. You need to carry a backup.

Hausbell 5052

What makes the Hausbell 5052 one of the top night vision camcorders? Well, for one thing, its night vision mode is supported by a 5MP CMOS sensor, 16x zoom capability, and Full HD video recording resolution. All of these work together to help you shoot clear, detailed videos even in the middle of the night.

The camcorder also comes with Wi-Fi functionality, which means you can control it remotely using your smartphone or tablet and that you can easily share pictures from the camcorder to your mobile device.

Another great thing about the Hausbell 5052 is its design. Its compact body allows it to easily fit in your bag or purse, so you can bring it almost anywhere. It’s also lightweight, which means your hand and arm won’t tire quickly even when you have to shoot several minutes’ worth of videos.

The Hausbell 5052 is available in an attractive gold color, which gives a classic and elegant look and makes it stand out from other makes and models.

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Panasonic HC-VX981K

Panasonic has performed well in the camera world, so it’s no surprise that it’s on our list. Its HC-VX981K has excellent low-light performance, with a 2-lux low light scene mode, a 1-lux night mode with color, and a 0-lux full night mode — all paired with a decent built-in infrared light.

The HC-VX981K can take decent videos and photos in dark environments, particularly if you use its highly sensitive 1-lux night mode. However, you can take clearer images and videos if you’d invest in an additional IR light source.

This is entirely optional, though. Buying an extra IR light source is helpful if shooting at night is a regular part of your job. But, if you’re a hobbyist who takes night videos every now and then, the camcorder’s built-in IR light is more than enough.

Of course, the Panasonic HC-VX981K isn’t just a night vision-enabled camcorder. Its 1/2.3-inch 8.29MP BSI MOS sensor and Crystal Engine 4K image processor allows it to take clear and sharp videos and photos. It also has a Leica Dicomar lens with an optical zoom up to 20x, which can be boosted to 40x through intelligent zoom.

The camcorder can take both 1080p videos and 4K UHD videos, and you can extract 4K still images from the latter using the in-camera 4K Photo Mode and editing tools.


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Final Note

These are five of the top camcorders with night vision mode that can take high-quality videos and give you excellent value for money. There are many other makes and models in the market, so do your research to learn more about them. This way, you’ll be familiar with night vision camcorders and find out which make and model best fits your needs.

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