Action Cameras – All You Need To Know

If you’re into outdoor sports and video blogs, you probably heard about action cameras. These cameras work like normal cameras, but do their similarities end there? The answer and more in this beginner’s guide below.

What Is An Action Camera?

An action camera works quite the same as a normal camera that captures photos and videos. However, this type of camera is mainly used for outdoor and extreme sports. An action camera is also popular with vloggers due to its small size and versatility. They come with a lot of accessories that you can fix on your helmet and handlebars. Unlike a normal camera, this type of camera can be taken underwater.

Action cameras usually capture images in time-lapse and burst modes. They also shoot videos in a 4K mode with the shooter’s point of view. Most of them come with a micro SD card for storage and a micro-USB connector to link with other devices.

The category is linked with GoPro cameras. Many of them come with a GoPro mount adapter to take benefit of the accessories offered for these cameras.

Types Of Attachment

Most action cameras come with a lot of attachments. The type of accessories may vary from one brand to another, but the basic ones are:

Handle Bar Attachment: This is good in making movies when riding a bicycle.

Headcam Attachment: This attachment is great if you want to let other people see exactly what you’re viewing as you zip line, surf, and ski.

Windscreen Attachment: If you ride a car through the mountains, you can create some short videos with this.

Underwater Casing: This is great in taking images and videos when snorkeling and other underwater adventures.

Remote Control: This is very useful if you don’t want to touch the camera while doing something else.

Advantages Of Action Cameras

Ruggedly Compact

Action cameras are often linked with outdoor and extreme sports. That’s why most of them are designed with rugged construction that can withstand the constant beating of harmful elements. They’re also small so you can bring them anywhere outside.

Shoots Continuous Action

With its burst mode and time-lapse mode, you can continuously shoot the action without interacting with the camera. You can also mount them anywhere, including dash cam, handlebars, and helmet to record your perspective.

Wider Lens

Unlike normal cameras, action cameras have a wider lens. That means you can have more width to your pictures.


One of the great benefits of action cameras is that you can bring them underwater. Simply place them in their waterproof cases and you can shoot underwater scenes while you’re diving.

Frames Per Second (FPS)

A video is made by hundreds of motionless images that are successively taken to produce the appearance of motion. Think of animation. The speed of FPS can, therefore, produce various effects. The standard is 24 FPS so you shouldn’t choose a camera below it.

Things To Look For When Buying An Action Camera

Purchasing an action camera can be pretty daunting with the many elements that you need to be aware of. Here are some things you might need to look for in choosing the right action camera for your needs.

Video Quality

You’ll want a high definition (HD) video quality to get a high-quality playback on your television, smartphone, and computer. HD, Full HD, and 1080p all refer to the same thing and that is HD.

If you want a super high-quality video, look for 4K or Ultra HD. This resolution offers clearer images than 1080p. You can use this footage quality on digital TV and digital cinematography.

Image Resolution

The number of megapixels can determine the picture quality of an action camera. If you want a high-quality picture, look for at least 8 megapixels. Anything below can give a poor image quality.

Depth Underwater

If you want to use an action camera for diving, make sure that you know how far it can go underwater. Look for action cameras that can handle at least 30 meters in underwater depth.

Wifi Or Bluetooth Capability

You know how taxing to remove the SD card from the camera to export photos and videos on any device. For your convenience, look for a camera with a Wifi or Bluetooth capability. This way you won’t have to remove the SD card anymore.