Canon Vixia HF R800 vs Panasonic HC-V180k Comparison

Sure, smartphones have been dominating the video recording market lately but camcorders are still a good choice for beginners and advanced videographers. While most mainstream camcorders can capture motion in full HD, you now also have camcorders with 4k video capability. Camcorders also have superior storage, good zooming capabilities, and intuitive manual controls. Two of … Read more

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The Best Trail Camera Under 100

A trail camera is a great tool to improve your hunting game. It allows you to see the life patterns of animals in prolonged sessions. But there are a lot of brands available and most of them are expensive. So how do you select the best trail camera under 100? Check this short buying guide … Read more

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Can You Use An Action Camera For Vlogging?

Vlogging has been existing for quite a while, but it became a very famous means of making content when Youtube was introduced in 2005. Making a high-quality video content should be everyone’s main goal whether you vlog to demonstrate a product, to record your adventures or even advertise your business. This is where a good … Read more

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Canon XC15 Review – Detailed

canon xc15

If you have been making movies with a lower-end video camera, it might be time to move up to a professional camera that will let you shoot professional-quality movies. You could go out and spend several thousand dollars on a camera, which wouldn’t be unusual. Or, you could take a look at everything that the … Read more

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5 Best Value Camcorders Under $300

Diving into the world of movie-making doesn’t have to be a venture that involves mortgaging your home in order to be able to afford it. Sure, you can go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment, but it isn’t really necessary, especially when you are just starting out. In fact, you can get some … Read more

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5 Best 4K Camcorders Under $1,000 Reviews

Sony FDR-AX53

It is quite obvious that the best videos are not those recorded with an iPhone, but those that are recorded with an actual camcorder. Of course, the better quality the camcorder, the better quality the videos are going to be. Unfortunately, most of the best cameras are going to run well over $1,000, which makes … Read more

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