7 Valuable Tips On How to Buy a Professional Video Camera

7 Valuable Tips On How to Buy a Professional Video Camera

You have practised and practised making videos with your old camera. Now it is time to go out and get yourself a brand new, professional video camera. This is not a purchase to be taken lightly. This is an expensive piece of gear that you should consider an investment in your movie making career, and one that you need to research thoroughly before buying.

The more you learn about professional video cameras, the better able you will be to choose the best one to buy for your particular movie making needs. Here are a few things that will give you an idea of how to buy a professional video camera.

Choose A Camera That Also Has Manual Controls
It can be all too easy to get into the habit of using the automatic functions on a camera, but it is best to have one that has manual controls. This is going to give you a lot more control over the way you shoot, and you are going to have much better quality in the long run. You can be a lot more creative when you are in control. Learn about the various settings and how to use them in order to create effects that are going to make your movies really come to life.

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Large Sensors Work Better
When it comes to getting high resolution in your videos, you need to have a camera that has a large image sensor. Not only is this going to give you that high resolution you need, but you will also see your images in much more detail, because your pictures and videos are going to be crisp and clear. This is one of those times when bigger really is better.

When it comes to sensors, DSLR cameras are going to have larger sensors than many professional video cameras. A lot of videographers might prefer to shoot videos with DSLR cameras also. However, the scope of options and customization that a professional camcorder offers, far outweigh the benefits of a large sensor of a DSLR for professionals. 

Image Stabilization
You aren’t always going to be shooting subjects that are standing perfectly still as you would be with photos. This means that you need a video camera that has good image stabilization.

When shopping around for a professional camera, this is a feature that needs to be at the top of the priority list. Most pro cameras have good image stabilization features, and let you record clear images even when you are moving around or shooting handheld.

Image Stabilization

Must Have Reliable Professional In-Camera Connections
A good professional camcorder needs to have good connections, and we don’t mean the kind of connections that can help get your foot in the door of the movie industry. Many professional videographers use outboard monitors, as well as additional microphones, so it is important that their cameras have professional and secure video connections through serial digital interface (SDI) or HDMI. Gold standard XLR connections are generally used for audio.

Choose A Recording Format Based ON Your Need
Because many videos are compressed for more storage, it is important that your video camera is able to shoot in the best recording formats. Most professional video cameras record in MP4 and AVCHD formats, the latter of the two being the better quality format that will let you produce videos that are Blu-ray quality, and HD. They will also let you shoot in the MP4 format, which is usually used for YouTube videos and other videos that are going to be posted online. This takes up less memory, but isn’t as high quality as AVCHD.

Look for a camera that shoots 4K 1080p video, because you are going to get the absolute best resolution for perfectly clear images. This is a feature that you will find on most high-end cameras.

Audio Quality Has To Be Top
While it is likely that you are going to be using multiple microphones when shooting your movies, it is still important to make sure that your camera has excellent audio capability. It is important that the camera is able to record quality audio, because you never know when you are going to need to rely only on the built-in microphone when shooting. Some high-end cameras have an XLR, which is also referred to as a cannon plug. This is a connector that lets you use any type of external microphone while you are shooting.

Professional Video Camera Audio

Headphone Jack
This may not seem like a very important feature, but you would be surprised at just how handy it can be. This is going to let you easily monitor sound as you are shooting, so you will be able to make adjustments when necessary, so you don’t have to worry about it in the editing process.

You can only work with a low-end camera for so long before you need to upgrade in order to capture professional quality videos. There are many different cameras you can choose from, and the prices can range from less than $5,000 to well over $20,000.

It is not necessary to go over the top and get the absolute best video camera in the world, but you also need to make sure that it has the above-mentioned features, and then some. The more features it has, the better your movies are going to be.

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