Canon VIXIA HF R700 Review

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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2020)

Canon is now bringing their quality photos to their camcorder offerings by introducing one of their best products: the VIXIA HF R700 Digital Camcorder. This camcorder has one of the most advanced zoom technologies available in the market and Full HD capacity. The features of this camcorder are also top-notch, providing users excellent shots at any given vixia hf r700 review

Features of Canon VIXIA HF R700 That Stand Out

Canon did not spare any efforts when making Canon Vixia HF R700 as the number of features it has is at an equal number with many other high-end cameras. It has the advanced zoom and Full HD display which I personally find a great value addition. It can also make videos in cinematic quality, adding a magical touch to your most cherished moments.

Canon portrays the HF R700 as an outdoors and travel video camera that you can take on trips with your family or friends. When you are looking for a good quality video camera for mainly outdoor recording, there are a few points you must keep in mind:

A powerful zooming capability

Image stabilizing ability

The Canon Vixia HF R700 performs extremely well in the above two parameters.

  • I was particularly impressed by its zooming capability. It has a 57X advanced zooming capability which helps to record distant scenes with great clarity and detail. The Zoom Framing Assist helps in keeping the distant objects in the right frame and view. The colors and details are quite close to that which would have been seen by the naked eye.
  • The SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps to achieve stable and steady pictures while recording distant scenes on zoom by correcting camera shake. This is a very useful feature since most of the time while zooming or recording videos while moving, hand shake can cause blurry videos. This feature reduces this problem to a great extent.

Provision to enable beginner videographers take better videos

For people shooting videos with a camcorder for the first time, it can be quite a challenge to select the right settings for the right conditions. Each scenario requires different settings to be made for the camera. In such a case, it helps a lot if the camera has some AUTO settings.

In the Vixia HF R700, the Smart AUTO feature lets you capture clear, stable videos while taking care of the minute details. It has been programmed to identify up to 38 different shooting scenarios and thus automatically selects the right settings. I consider this a very handy feature.

For example, when you’re shooting a subject in telephoto zoom mode, the Auto Tele Macro gives your video the much needed artistic effect of a sharp, focused object with a blurry background.

Provision for external audio

In most cases, the built-in mic does a pretty good job of recording audio. However, in case you need high-quality audio, this camcorder does have an external jack for mic input. So you can connect a mic for recording better audio quality.

How Is The Picture Quality Of The Videos?

When you are buying a camcorder, along with the various features and ease of use, the picture quality is of utmost importance. There is no point in buying a video camera that is loaded with features but scores pretty low on the picture stability and quality.

Picture quality is a no-compromise with the Canon Vixia HF R700 camcorder. With a 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor that captures video in 1920 x 1080 resolution, it delivers life-like full HD quality.

But the icing on the cake is shooting in sunlight, where it provides almost as good as 4K quality video! Hence it is ideal for shooting outdoors while traveling.

As far as shooting in the dark is concerned, the video quality is average especially at night. You need sufficient light if you want to shoot in the dark.

canon vixia hf r700 review

How Is The Battery Life?

The Canon Vixia HF R700 is equipped with a high-capacity BP-727 battery pack. This helps facilitate shooting over long periods of time.

It also indicates accurate remaining battery time for shooting so that you don’t miss out on any important shooting opportunity.

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Some additional features…

  • MP4 or AVCHD Progressive Recording – No matter which video format is being recorded, the VIXIA HF R700 guarantees clear and noise-free videos.
  • Baby Mode – This camcorder is perfect in organizing shots of your baby’s growth with a Pre-Record function on once it is activated. It will record 3 seconds in advance and add it once you start recording.
  • Framing Assistant – The camcorder allows users to get their subjects in the frame even if it is at a distance, refocusing on the subject once you locate it again.
  • Intelligent IS – This system adjusts the shooting settings of the camcorder based on the shooting conditions. There are four IS systems installed in this camcorder.
  1. Dynamic IS corrects minor movement and the shaking caused by walking while shooting.
  2. Macro IS delivers incredibly steady close-up shots.
  3. Powered IS comes into play when you’re using the Canon Vixia HF R700 camcorder’s powerful zoom, correcting shake that can occur in telephoto shots.
  4. Tripod Mode stops IS when the camcorder is stationary.
  • Slow & Fast Motion, 24p Cinema, and 30p Progressive– These are some of the available shooting conditions for users who want to concentrate on the subject in various conditions.
  • Filter Effects – This camcorder boasts seven filters that would add a cinematic quality to the videos.
  • Face Detection and Video Snapshots – Face Detection allows users to track faces automatically and ensure sharp details while Video SnapShot records short videos that can be edited with your favorite music.

Pros of Canon VIXIA HF R700

  • This camcorder can record Full HD videos even on advance zoom without video shakes recorded. Automatic settings adjustment made by the camcorder is also a big plus, especially in various shooting conditions.
  • Users are guaranteed Full HD videos thanks to its 3.28 MP Full HD CMOS Image Sensor and DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor.
  • This camera is only 0.51 pounds and it has a hand strap for users to securely hold their camcorders.
  • It is a sturdy camera for outdoor use.


It is a given that not all the users will be 100% satisfied with any electronic product. The same goes for the Vixia HF R700.

  • At night, the video quality is average and could have been better.
  • It does not come with inbuilt Wi-fi. Although it is not a necessity, if you’re looking to control the camera with a remote, only then you need inbuilt WiFi.


For the entry-level, the VIXIA HF R700 is a great camcorder, especially if you wish to shoot your experiences outdoors. At this price, I’d say you are getting a very good deal. No wonder it is one of the bestselling camcorders.

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4 thoughts on “Canon VIXIA HF R700 Review”

  1. Refreshing to come across such a straightforward style of review – especially for a non-techie beginner like myself.
    I am trying to decide on a suitable camera for vlogging, so one major concern – addressed by almost no-one! – is whether my prospective choice of camera (very possibly this one) is compatible with a remote controller enabling remote on/off (and, ideally, pause – but that doesn’t seem to exist with video?)
    I will need to move around during my vlog, but will sometimes be sitting a few feet from the camera, so remote control becomes a major issue.
    Can you tell me any more on this – and whether, for a modest price ideally, there is a valid and effective WIRED controller for this – the wireless one has the reputation of being unreliable else!

    • Hey Peter, thanks for your query. Unfortunately this camera does not come with a remote control. However, there are many vloggers who are using this camcorder for their YouTube channel with great success. Some of them use video editing to optimize their videos.

      If you’re really intent on buying a camcorder with a remote for YouTube, you can try the Panasonic HC-V380K Full HD Camcorder . For this camcorder, you can download the “Panasonic Image App” on your smartphone and use your smartphone as a remote to operate it.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Jon, if you’re asking about streaming live video of your camcorder to the internet on your PC or TV, you can do that. You need an HDMI cable for that and a streaming software. Also if the HDMI port in your laptop is a video out port, you’ll need a video converter like Ultrastudio mini recorder. More on how to set it up here – Live Streaming


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