3 Types Of External Microphones For Your Camcorder

shoot videos like a pro

Today, all camcorders come with an inbuilt microphone for recording audio while shooting. While it is sufficient for a spontaneous or casual video recording, if you are thinking of recording something more professional or serious you should go for an external microphone.The high audio quality that you want will only be possible with an external … Read more

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How To Choose The Right Camera For YouTube Videos

which camera for youtube videos

Today, YouTube has become the most popular video sharing platform on the internet. Whichever industry you are in, you can create your own promotional video and upload it to YouTube, free of charge. You can also start vlogging, just out of passion. YouTube has made online celebrities out of so many people who might not … Read more

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How To Shoot Videos Like A True Pro!

tips to shoot videos

Shooting engaging and compelling videos is an art few possess, but anyone can master. You do not need to own a high-end professional camcorder to shoot videos like a pro. You just need to keep the technique right and keep in mind some tips which can help you to gain the expertise in shooting amazing videos. … Read more

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Digital Camcorders Basics – What You Need To Know

    If you are thinking of buying a digital camcorder for the first time, it might help to have some basic knowledge about the working and functionality of the camcorder. Knowing that beforehand will enable you to make the best use of your digital video camera. Due to the wide range of camcorders available … Read more

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