How To Choose The Right Camera For YouTube Videos

Today, YouTube has become the most popular video sharing platform on the internet. Whichever industry you are in, you can create your own promotional video and upload it to YouTube, free of charge. You can also start vlogging, just out of passion.

YouTube has made online celebrities out of so many people who might not have had an opportunity to showcase their talents before the internet. If you have a talent or stories to share, you can start your own channel and start uploading videos to it.

If you are making your own video to upload, you will need high quality video recording equipment and software. You have to use the right camera to record your YouTube video provided so that it is of a good quality and meets the required criteria.

Let us have a look at the different types of cameras you can use to record YouTube videos.


Once considered as the go-to option for recording videos, a dedicated camcorder is now just one among many options available to shoot YouTube videos. However, the ease of use and a wide zoom range with a single lens  still makes it one of the favourite cameras to use for recording YouTube videos.

And of course, not to forget the tons of accessories that can be used along with a camcorder for better video effects, such as a shotgun mic, tripod stand, on-camera light.

One drawback however is its inability to take a wide angle view. But then if you are shooting a solo video, it doesn’t really matter much.


Not long ago, using a smartphone for shooting a professional video seemed like a bizarre idea, because of mediocre quality of videos. However, today with rapid progress in mobile technology, it is possible to shoot exceptionally high quality videos using a smartphone. Pretty convenient, as it is quite handy and you can shoot and upload videos to YouTube on the go.

One drawback however is the limited features for controlling the settings of the videos and the lack of accessories.

DSLR Cameras

Initially launched to take photography to the next level, digital SLR cameras these days come with the ability to take high quality videos. You can capture HD to ultra HD quality videos.

With the option of fitting different lenses on the mount, you can choose a wide variety of views from teleshot to ultra wide angle. A lot of accessories are also available, but then they can be quite expensive.


Another option is to use a webcam, but personally I wouldn’t use it as the videos can look unprofessional with poor quality audio and mediocre video quality.

Let us now look at some criteria for selecting any of the above cameras to record YouTube videos


The audio quality of the camera needs to be near-perfect. This is because if you are recording your voice along with the video, it needs to be perfectly audible.

Now in case you select a camera for its excellent video quality and other features and unfortunately the audio quality isn’t that great, you should be able to attach an external mic for better audio. There are a variety of mics to choose from depending upon your requirement, such as wireless, shotgun, boom.

Image Quality and Resolution

You must opt for a full HD camera with 1080p for the best quality videos. The difference is evident between full HD and normal HD videos. However, if you are not willing to spend extra bucks for full HD, go for 720p. Anything below that is not really worth it.


Finally, you must choose a camera that is within your budget. Although this is a given, many times due to the high end products on display we get carried away and buy cameras that are outside our budget; only to realise later that we wont be using many of the extra features. Yes you can surely upgrade, but once you have sufficient experience in shooting YouTube videos and are looking to take things to the next level.









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