How to Select a Video Camera for the Front Door

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How often do we wonder, whether our house is safe enough or not? Once a day? Once a week? or Maybe once a month. But this thought strikes once in a while to everyone. To handle this concern, the first thing that comes to mind is installing a video camera for the front door. Surveillance is an important aspect of security and the most efficient one. Let us first answer a little question before taking a dive into it.

How to choose a front door security camera

Why? & What?

‘WHY do you need front door camera security?’

The sole purpose to install a video camera for the front door is SECURITY, but you might want to dig a bit deeper. Do you want surveillance, keep a watch on the kids, property security, or prevent burglary. This decision will help you get started & narrow down your search for the perfect front door camera for your house.

‘WHAT kind of video camera for front door, do you need?’

The important factors to keep in mind before making a purchase for a front door security camera are-

Good Brand

Security is a critical issue so be a little brand conscious this time. Because you must have 24/7 tech support available to assist you &with the better brand comes better quality.


A Wifi front door camera makes it easier to keep a track of activities even in your absence. If the camera connects to WIFI you can easily watch the live feed of your house anywhere anytime you want. There are applications available that make it very efficient to operate the camera through your phone.

Video Quality

The quality of the video should be as high as possible. However, the higher the quality, the higher will be the cost. But believe me when I say it is worth it. 1440p or more works at the best in the case of front door security cameras. If possible go for a setup with HD quality video.


It isn’t essential to buy a wireless camera but it works to your advantage, it gives liberty to place the camera anywhere. If you plan to place a hidden camera, a wireless camera works the best.

Water resistant

It should be water-resistant, mainly because the intruder might try to destroy it with water. If it’s not waterproof, the camera might turn out to be useless in many situations. Also during heavy rains, the camera can continue running despite the moisture or getting wet.

User friendly

It must be compatible with updates and functional with the latest version of security apps that enables one to check on the video from the Smart Phones. It should be easy to operate and fix in case of an emergency.DIY shouldn’t be much hard. To wait for the security company to come and fix might take longer than expected sometimes.

Night vision

Home security can be vulnerable, but not if the security is fully efficient at night. The camera needs to work flawlessly even at the night with infrared night vision. This is to allow 24/7 surveillance during the day as well as night.

Motion sensing

If you don’t need to record 24/7 security footage, then you can use a motion-sensing camera that only records if there is any motion in the view of the camera. It works well for saving energy and also saves memory on the drive as well.

Optical zoom

A front door camera needs to have an optical zoom. This helps to get a clear picture of the visitors as well as intruders. The clarity of the zoomed picture differs from camera to camera. After reading about all the factors choose accordingly that suits your requirements. Buy the camera & Install it yourself or call the security company for help. Make sure it records on motion sensing or 24/7 as per your requirement. And lastly, keep a check on the operations of the security camera.

For more info on which home security system is best for you, you can check out a list of top 5 video cameras for front door security that I have compiled.

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