How To Shoot Videos Like A True Pro!

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Shooting engaging and compelling videos is an art few possess, but anyone can master. You do not need to own a high-end professional camcorder to shoot videos like a pro. You just need to keep the technique right and keep in mind some tips which can help you to gain the expertise in shooting amazing videos.

Keeping this in mind let’s discuss a few points that can help you in shooting high quality videos.

Avoid the use of backlight

Using backlight can surely help you get a clearer view of the subject, but that might not get captured the same way by the camcorder. It tends to create a contrasting effect on the subject and you might miss out on the important details of the subject you’re capturing on camera. If you do plan to use the backlight feature, make sure you reduce it to a level that doesn’t create much contrast. For that your camera needs to have an adjustable backlight feature.

Limit the zoom

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While using zoom intermittently can add an extra effect and greater clarity, you must take care not to overuse it. A steady point of view gives a more professional feel than a video that is constantly being zoomed in and out. In other words, it doesn’t look that great and has an amateurish feel.

Change your shooting points

Shooting a particular event or scene from different points and angles gives a more interesting look and feel to the video. The video doesn’t appear dull and boring and even an otherwise slow event can look exciting offering different views. One of my personal favourite angles is by kneeling to the level of the subject or a bit lower and taking a shot from an angle.

Develop the habit of using a tripod

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Unless you’re travelling or moving, use a tripod stand for your camcorder as much as possible. It is no rocket science that it is difficult to maintain a steady arm for a long time in one position. And with the camera in hand, it is all the more difficult. For the video to look professional, it must be shot from a still position, which can be achieved by using a tripod stand.

Keep it simple and natural

While special effects can give a new dimension to your videos, an overuse of them can undermine the actual subject to be captured. Seriously, some videos are best shot in natural mode. It makes the videos look more professional. And it is easier to convert them into monochromatic if the need arises.

Make arrangements for adequate lighting

Unless you are shooting outside in natural light, always ensure to make arrangements for the maximum lighting in the surroundings. In camera, the more the quantity of light, the more brighter and clearer will the images be. Videos shot in low light also tend to come out of rather low quality and many times even grainy.

Otherwise, the best option is to shoot outdoors when the situation allows. During the daytime, there is no dearth of bright light. Even indoors, shooting during the day is a much better option.

Ensure optimum audio

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If lighting is one of the most important factors in shooting a professional video, good quality audio comes a near second. These days, audio is an important factor while shooting videos. Gone are the days of silent films when video was more than enough. Today, it is as much important to capture the audio as the video.

Today, all decent camcorders come with an inbuilt mic system. For most purposes, it can suffice. However, if you’re looking to reach professional levels with your video, it is better to attach an external mic to your cam. If your video camera does not have a jack for external mic, you can attach an accessory clip to hold the mic. The external mics come of different types to suit different setting. But let’s leave that for another article.

Do not use wide shots too much

I know it can be tempting to take a wide angle view of the mountain setting or a panoramic view of the grassland expanse to show to your friends. It sure looks beautiful. The entire expanse, in one shot. However, overdoing the wide angle or general shot when it is not required might not be a very good strategy while shooting your video. In professional videography the more specific you are with your shots; like focusing on a green, leafy tree against the wide expanse of the meadow; the more graceful your videos come out to be.

These are some tips which can help you shoot better quality and more professional videos. With time however, you gain the necessary experience and judgement to make the required tweaks to shoot better.

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