iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Review

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If you want a sports action camera that is not expensive like a GoPro, you can check out the iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi. This camera is very small but it has an outstanding field of view and it has the best microphone available for action cameras. It is also very durable and can be brought everywhere no matter where you want to take your camera.

ion camera 1011L air pro lite review

Features of iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite

With the number of action cameras available in the market today, iON is now becoming one of the best action cameras for action aficionados who want to take photos while they do extreme sports. Here are some of the known features of the iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi. (Check current price)

  • 170-degree field of view – This allows users to record wide shots in outstanding 1080p and 720p resolutions with high audio quality.
  • 14MP – This is the megapixel quality of this camera for still, time-lapse and burst-shot photos.
  • Waterproof – This camera can be brought underwater to the depth of 10 meters/30 feet. It is also very durable for other action shots you can think of.
  • Micro SD/Micro SDHC minimum class 6 to maximum 10 – Users can use either one of these memory cards up with a 32gb memory
  • 5 hours – This is the approximated battery life of every iON Camera.
  • Wi-Fi PODZ – This camera has this system built-in to ensure Shoot/Share functionality is active so users can easily share to their social media sites.
  • ION Accessories and Mounts Compatibility – You can use your old Ion Accessories and mounts kit with this camera.

Advantages of iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite

  • Versatility – This action camera is waterproof and durable to withstand any shooting condition. It can also take shots steadily even if it’s on a mount or taking shots from various angles and the 170-degree feature also allows close-up and far shots.
  • Photo/ Video Quality – The quality of this camera is top-notch as it can record videos in HD in either 1080p or 720p format.
  • Portability – Weighing only 1.4 pounds, this camera can be carried anywhere.


Users are divided on this camera, especially with its performance. Many complain about the fact this camera continuously freezes when it is recording clips. Users say it needs to be reset often, especially when it constantly vibrates without apparent reason.

The date and time stamp cannot be modified on the camera directly. Battery life is not so great as some users reported that once it is fully charged, it tends to discharge a bit sooner than some other action cameras. The Wi-Fi function also drains the battery fast.

The 170-degree feature can also be a problem because there are instances where the subject is further away than expected.  The additional extras that would allow users to mount this camera is also reported by some to be incompatible with other types of helmets.

Mac users have also found it difficult to use this camera because the software does not work consistently. Others also commented that the software for the Wi-Fi feature can give some faults, especially its user interface.

On the other hand, other users say this is a great alternative for GoPro which is very expensive for users. Some users even say they have more than one iON at home. Some users say it is very good when it comes to setting up just like a GoPro and can be brought around easily like a GoPro

It is also very durable and waterproof just like GoPros and able to take excellent photos and videos easily.

Others also say the camera is very easy to mount on tripods and gears if one does not have an old Ion mount or gear.

There are also good reviews on the one-touch slide recording function of this camera and the camera would easily respond to the command with vibration to note it is accepted. It is also commended as a good helmet camera by users and the microphone is also very good.

Bottom Line

For users who want to save money for an action camera and still get the same quality as those from GoPro, this iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite is the solution you are looking for. Action cameras need to be light, versatile, and durable because they will be used in very strenuous conditions. Ion can handle this challenge and give high-quality results just like any expensive camera.

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