Samsung Video Camera History

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For the last few years, Samsung has become considered a household name as it is one of the world’s best electronics companies today. The company constantly gives some of the best consumer and industrial technologies that is still used today. However, how did the company start in the first place?

Originally, Samsung was known as a food export business in 1938. The company exported fruits, vegetables and dried Korean fish to neighboring countries. However, after the Second World War, the company slowly launched itself to add new offerings to its clients, establishing the “Samsung-Sanyo Electronics” division in 1970, which would handle electronics such as appliances.

The first electronic device they made was a black-and-white TV in 1970. Since this device was introduced in the market, the company moved on to develop other electronics and in the 1980s began production on home appliances like microwaves, air conditioners and even computers.

The company re-launched itself in 1982 as Samsung Semiconductor and Telecommunications Company from its previous name and made its 10 millionth TV set. Some of the company’s electronics products soon found itself in other countries such as the United States, receiving the first VCR import in 1984.

The company then later on developed the world’s smallest video tape recorder in 1986 and its first color television.

By the 1990s, the company slowly moved on to the development of mobile phones and successfully developed its own mobile phone system and handset from 1991 to 1992. Samsung also opened a factory in China in the same period, as well as further developing their video disk recorders.

When it comes to their camera devices, Samsung first made cameras specifically for the aerospace industry in the mid-1990s. Their cameras are often commended for their high quality and the ones they introduced for the aerospace industry had a four-power zoom camera, which the company brought to its consumer digital cameras and camera phones.

As these cameras were constantly developed, the company also worked on its LCD-technology and became an Olympic Partner for the Nagano Winter Olympics. Samsung also broke several world records by 2000 as it introduced the world’s first TV Phone and Watch Phone, the world’s fastest graphics memory chip and the first 512Mb DRAM.

Returning back to their camera devices, the first cell phone they made with a camera was the SCH-V200. Released in June 2000, the SCH-V200 was a flip phone with a 1.5-inch LCD screen and a digital camera that could take 20 photos with 350,000-pixel resolution.

In order to view these photos, you had to connect your phone into a computer. Some critics said it was basically a camera and phone housed in the same body given its separate components. In 2005, Samsung released the world’s first 7MP camera phone, which was followed by the 10MP camera in 2006.

The company slowly grew as one of the best cellphone brands in 2008 and continues to dominate the electronics industry with their other offerings for the public. The company also creates industrial and business related electronics such as semiconductors, printers, telephone networks and LCDs.

It is notable that the digital cameras offered by Samsung – may it be camera phones or digital cameras – are very good for budding photographers but there are also cameras under Samsung’s line which are good for professional photographers.

Here are some of the current offerings of Samsung cameras in the market:

  • HZ Series – This line is Samsung’s “mega-zoom” camera line as these cameras often have 10x optical zoom lens as seen in HZ10W. The camera prices of the HZ series often range from $300 to $400.
  • SL Series – These are the beginner-friendly cameras of Samsung because they have user-friendly settings but they still have some settings offered in other Samsung cameras. These cameras are also very cheap as they cost only around $200 or less.
  • TL Series – These cameras are often very stylish and ultra-thin, containing Samsung’s Smart Auto feature that handles settings for lighting and shooting conditions. Prices start at $200 to $300.
  • DSLR – For intermediate and advanced photographers, DSLRs and DSLRs for video are also offered by Samsung. While the prices start at $1,000 or more, these cameras are equipped with all the settings needed for any shooting condition.
  • Camcorders – Samsung also make a line of exceptional digital video camcorders.

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