The Best Trail Camera Under 100 in 2022

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A trail camera is a great tool to improve your hunting game. It allows you to see the life patterns of animals in prolonged sessions. But there are a lot of brands available and most of them are expensive.

So how do you select the best trail camera under 100? Check this short buying guide below.

 Things To Consider Before Buying A Trail Camera

  • Storage Capacity

The capacity tells you how many shots you can store on the camera. The higher the capacity, the better. You can take more shots even if you leave the camera for weeks. As possible, look for a camera that takes memory cards so you can expand the memory or swap out cards.

  • Image Quality

Trail cameras offer different resolutions. The higher the resolution, the clearer the pictures. When buying a good trail camera, choose a model with a picture resolution of not less than 8 megapixels.

The view of the camera also matters. The standard size is 50 degrees, but it’s more desirable if you can find something bigger than that.

  • Detection Circuit

This aspect consists of trigger time, the detection zone, and the recovery time. The detection zone tells you the distance the camera can trigger the animal. Cheaper models offer a range of 50 feet while more high-end models provide around 85 feet or more.

For trigger speed, look for a camera that offers less than one second. You need the camera to be as fast as possible so you can capture the animal when it moves rapidly. Recovery time should also be faster so you can capture the next picture without any delay.

  • Flash Technology

Modern trail cameras use different types of LED flash units. A white flash is the cheapest one but it scares away the animals and can even change their movement patterns.

Better models use the night vision type, which is No Glow Infrared (IR) flash. IR flashes consume less power and it brings a clear view of animals at night.

If you want superior picture quality, LED flash might be what you need. It produces more crisp and clear pictures. There’s also the advantage of taking pictures both day and night. However, the bright flash can scare the animals.

How Many Trail Cameras Do You Need?

Once you’ve decided what camera to buy, think of how many you should get. One camera is enough to find out a potential hiding spot and check what activity occurs.

If you want to truly learn the patterns, add a second or third camera. This setup will tell you the exact location of the game when you’re prepared to hunt.

The Campark T45 Trail Game Camera

As per my research and popular choice, the Campark Trail T45 Trail Camera (Check current price) is the best trail camera under 100. This trail game camera offers the best features in the mid-price range. It features a 14MP resolution, night vision, and 0.3s trigger speed.

The T45 is great for wildlife monitoring and tracking animals for hunting. It can also serve as a home monitor to improve security. If you have a farm, this camera can help monitor the place to keep away the stray animals and strangers.

Features And Benefits

  1. 14MP Crystal Image + 1080P Video Resolution

The T45 offers high picture and video resolutions. At 14MP, this camera can capture clearer images. This camera can also shoot full high definition (HD) 1080P videos.

Truly, this camera can allow you to see the brilliant world of wildlife. However, this camera has no built-in memory so you have to buy a memory card separately.

  1. Swifter 0.3s Trigger Speed + 65-feet Detection Zone

Another amazing feature of T45 is its 0.3-second trigger speed. This means the camera can be triggered immediately in 0.3 seconds once it detects any movement. The range of detection can go as far as 65 feet.

  1. 120-degree Wide Angle Lens

Compared to the focal length of the regular lens, a wide-angle lens has a focal length that’s significantly smaller. This kind of lens lets more of the scene to be part in the picture.

T45 is built with a 12-degree wide angle lens to give you a nice broader view. This is useful in hunting and wildlife monitoring as you can’t move farther from the game to capture it.

  1. Super Infrared Night Vision

This trail camera uses invisible infrared flash technology to capture any moment even in the dark. The beauty of this flash is it won’t scare the animals when you shoot them at night. However, the image quality might not be as clear as those captured by an LED flash.

  1. 3 Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors

The Campark Trail T45 Game Camera (Check current price) is built with three passive infrared sensors. This design consumes less energy, hence extending the power of your battery. It also increases sensitivity which makes it triggered quickly with a long-distance range.

  1. IP56 Waterproof Design

The camera is waterproof meaning that it can still record any animal activities even on rainy days. So what does an IP56 rating mean? It means the camera is protected from limited dust ingress and high-pressure water jets.

  1. Friendly-User Interface

This camera is easy to use and mount. It’s built with a 2.4-inch LCD screen so you can see what the camera is recording. However, once it finishes recording, you need another device to see the pictures taken.

The interface lets you select the hours of operation. It also allows you to adjust the shot lag and choose time-lapse photography. If you want to keep track of your images, put a time/date stamp on your images.

  1. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee + 12-Month Warranty

Everyone wants a guarantee to every purchase. If you’re not satisfied with the camera, you can return it back and ask for a refund. This money back guarantee is valid not more than 45 days after purchase.

T45 also offers a 12-month warranty. If there any defects on the camera, you can return it and ask for a new one.


  • Excellent image and video quality
  • Good trigger sensitivity
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Offers a good warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Requires a micro SD card for memory
  • Doesn’t accept rechargeable batteries


  1. How does 3 PIR compare with 1 PIR?

Cameras built with 3 PIR, like the T45, have a shorter trigger time than those with 1 PIR. They will detect when the animals get into the side motion sensor range. They would capture the picture and video of animals when they move to the detecting range.

  1. Is this good to use in an owl box?

The T45 is great at detecting the movement of owls. The pictures also look good. If you want to retrieve the pictures, simply swap out the SD card to prevent disturbing the owl.

  1. How long do the batteries last?

The battery life depends on how you use the trail camera. Standby time can last up to six months. Using it 24/7 can last up to a couple of weeks.

  1. How many batteries does this camera need?

The T45 needs four or eight AA batteries. If you use four batteries, make sure that you put them all either on the first or second half battery compartment. Never put the four cameras on both battery compartments.

Check the current price and more features and customer reviews

3 Alternatives

  1. FUNSHION Trail Camera

If you want to have a faster trigger speed, FUNSHION Trail Camera is a good alternative. This model has a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. It’s built with a 2.4-inch TFT display to help you configure the data easily.

Like the Campark T45, FUNSHION features a 16MP image and 1080P video resolutions. It has a 120-angle wide lens to capture each moment vividly. This is more pricey than T45 but it can cover a longer detection distance of 75 feet.

  1. TOGUARD Trail Camera

TOGUARD Trail Camera is a more affordable option than the T45. It has a lower image resolution of 14MP but the same video resolution of 1080P. The trigger speed is a bit slower in 0.5 seconds.

This trail camera is designed with a 120-degree wide angle lens and 42 pieces of IR LEDs. It’s made with a waterproof design and supports a 12-month warranty.

  1. Campark T30 Game Camera

Another affordable Campark game camera model is the T3O. It has the same video resolution, trigger speed, and night vision range as the T45. However, its image resolution is only 8MP, lower quality than T45.

The number of infrared LEDs is also significant. While the T30 has 26 pieces of infrared LEDs, the T45 has 42 pieces. This means that the T30 performs less than the Campark T45 when it comes to night vision capability.


The Campark T45 Trail Camera is a good solution to those looking for a game camera under 100. It’s built with great features that you also see on the high-end models. It works at a fast 0.3-second trigger speed at a 120-degree wide angle.

The T45 also impresses with its clear image and video quality. It features a 14MP image and 1080P video resolutions. Best of all, it features a super infrared night vision.

Check the current price and more features and customer reviews of Campark T45

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